The lists of potential environmental crimes are long and go far past litter from takeaway cups. Deforestation, Irrigation, pesticides, chemical fertilisers. And that is before we talk about poor working conditions and pay, child labour and the exploitation of entire communities. 

So How can we do better? 

Thankfully lots if not the majority of Irish coffee companies really care about where their coffee comes from. Look for the label, there are some really worthy even if flawed schemes which can signpost us on the road to virtue. Fair Trade, UTZ,  Rainforest Alliance, Certified Organic, these schemes have varying priorities and levels of success but generally, participants are committed to ensuring there is a degree of climate and social justice, working with communities to ensure a sustainable lifestyle and cultivation practices. But that’s not all, not all eco-friendly coffee is a part of these schemes in addition to certified organic many of the high-end smaller coffee co-ops and even large corporations go to considerable lengths to do better for the planet and their producers. And you too can make a difference, choose Organic or Certified, if its not obvious ask, you will be amazed at how much Irelands small and independent coffee outlets care. Recycle & Compost watch out that your take away cups lids etc are organic and carefully dispose of them in an appropriate way. Reduce what you take, you may not need that extra sleeve, don’t double cup… and love your coffee!